Victorian ConservatoryThe flexibility of the multi-faceted Victorian conservatory from Prestige, make it a favourite amongst home owners planning on creating additional living space with an emphasis on design.

The Victorian conservatory is characterised by its finesse and adaptability to a variety of proposed spaces, fitting naturally within the existing home and garden areas, while offering a surprisingly spacious interior.

The glazed hipped roof and faceted window panels capture the changing light through out the day. A north facing Victorian benefits from clear and consistent daylight, while a south facing equivalent is blessed with sunshine all day long!

Prestige offer a range of Victorian conservatories with a variety of design and build options so to create an impressive extension to your home whilst adding living space and value.

Victorian Conservatory Styles

Standard Victorian Conservatory 5 Facet Victorian Conservatory Reverse Drop Victorian Conservatory

Standard Victorian

5 Facet Victorian

Reverse Drop Victorian

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All Conservatories are available with Dwarf Wall, Full Height Glass or Raised Panels.

Victorian Conservatory Photo Gallery